Small Groups

Meeting House Fellowship Groups

Here are a few of the Meeting House fellowship groups. Members and visitors are welcome to participate in these fellowship groups. Contact the church office for more information. 
Club 3-4-5

Club 3-4-5 is a fellowship group for children in grades 3, 4 and 5. Contact Noelle Castin for more information.


Occasional events (about one per month) that bring adults together for fellowship, workshops, and fun.

Knitting Ministry

Knitting Ministry meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 1 p.m to work on knitting and craft projects to benefit church members and mission projects.

Women’s Circle

Women’s Circle Meets one evening a month for fellowship and study. 

Women's Prayer Group

Women's Prayer Group meets every two or three weeks in the homes of its members. 

Youth Group

Youth Group for Middle School and High School aged children. Meets Sunday evenings.

Book Study

The women’s book study group meets four times yearly for three to four weeks each time studying a variety of spiritual-themed books as a framework to discuss our own faith journeys and religious questions.

Family Fellowship

During the program year, parents of preschool and elementary age children are invited to gather in Heaven (top floor of the Education Building) on Sundays from 10:00–10:40 a.m. We'll get to know one another, as well as share our ideas, successes, and struggles as we strive to be parents and people of faith. Feel free to drop in as you are able. If a younger child is struggling to go into childcare/Sunday school one week feel free to bring them with you!

Empty Nesters

Join other parents in sharing the ups and downs of a home-life newly empty of grown children. Whether your last or only child just left for college, grad school, or a new job, you are welcome to join us for bi-monthly dinner gatherings in members’ homes.