Weddings at the Meeting House

The celebration of marriage unites two people and makes them one in the eyes of God. For Christians, marriage is a covenant through which two people are called to live out together before God their lives of discipleship. In a service of Christian marriage, a lifelong commitment is made, publicly witnessed, and acknowledged by the community of faith.

To be married at the Meeting House at least one member of the couple must be baptized and a professing Christian. Ordinarily, at least one member of the couple should be a Meeting House member or a child of a member. Couples who regularly attend Sunday services and participate in the church community may also be married at the Meeting House. However, wedding dates for non-members will not be confirmed more than nine months in advance. Members of other local churches in the DC metro area may not be married at the Meeting House.

A commitment by couples married at the Meeting House to active participation in the worship and ministry of the Meeting House is expected. Due to the seriousness of this commitment, the Meeting House should not be considered a wedding venue for rent.

Premarital counseling with one of the Meeting House pastors is required.

One of the Meeting House pastors officiates at all church weddings, and arrangements for co-officiants are made at the discretion of the clergy. Because of the religious significance of weddings, the Meeting House has policies about photography, flowers, music, etc. to assist in the planning process.

For more information, for a fee schedule, or to discuss your wedding with the church’s wedding administrator, call the church office, or email our wedding coordinator, Caitlin Jarecki.